The Three Differences Between The US and UK Educational Systems

There are major differences in the UK and US educational systems and if you’re about to take up college education in the United States you’d best be prepared. While there’s no major difference between the two’s end results, it would be best to plan ahead and guarantee a smooth transition between the two educational systems, […]

One In Seven University Students Are Victims Of Serious Sexual Assault

A survey by the National Union of Students in 2010 shows that one in seven students were victims of serious sexual assault or serious physical violence. These numbers still prove true half a decade after. In May, local UK newspaper The Guardian had found that the UK’s elite universities, including private schools, did not have […]

Is Nicola Sturgeon Fit Enough To Say That Scotland’s Education System Is Not Enough?

UK’s central government ensures that every state gets the same quality of education, at least for private services. SNP ball-bearer Nicola Sturgeon believes that there’s an increased fall in the reading and writing skills of public university students, suggesting that Scotland’s education system is ailing and failing. The Scottish First Minister said that it was […]

The Evolution of Language Learning [Infographic]

Language is like a canvas. Language can manifest one’s personality and self-expression in a clear and crisp manner. Learning a new language is similar to constructing a new canvas. Today’s technology allows many language scholars an easier time in learning a new dialect. Click the infographic below to know the technological upgrades in learning new […]

Is Transformative Learning Making Online Learning Easier and Making Teachers More Lazy

Imagine taking your masters’ degree in the comfort of your own home. With an internet speed of 55mbps, you could stream and chat with your classmates in their own respective homes at any time. It’s surely a very convenient way to learn. Most professors will stress that Transformative Learning had changed the way education has […]

Three Tips on Battling Bullying

Bullying is common in every country in the world. When someone tries to make fun of you and physically assaulting you, you will have to stand up for yourself. Mental conditioning is everything next to physical preparedness. This is not a stand-up-and-speak-up campaign against bullying; this is how you really deal with it. Remember Their […]

Three Ways On How To Become a Good Freshman

The Freshman year is a time for adjustment, preparing and jump-starting your path towards an excellent future in college. However, learning is just 50% of what you’ll do in college. You’ll probably encounter other problems most tip providers won’t talk about. Here are some ways to become a good freshman on that account. Be Courteous […]

Three Ways to Easily Start Having Experience in Your Trade

Unemployment and underemployment levels are increasing because larger business consistently blast smaller businesses out of the water. For fresh graduates, the only option is a low to minimal wage employment with harsh employment conditions (despite regulation), or starting their own business. The internet makes the latter option more appealing, but if you are targeting a […]

Undergraduate Tips: How to Retain Focus in Academics

When a school’s curriculum seems questionable, students ask the question ‘why?’ In many cases, this is a demotivating factor for many students, having them lose focus of their academic objectives. To answer why, an undergraduate student must first understand ‘what’, meaning, what is their objective in pursuing their academics, through planning their career goals without […]

Why Schools Don’t Prepare You Too Well For the Real World

Having an elementary to graduate school education is something the “baby boomer” generation highly prizes, and something the Generation Y had grown cynical due to the high unemployment rates in the world for degree holders and even masters and doctorate education graduates. Schools could give documentation and witness to your educational attainment, but employers are […]